Furbaholic site - Mandy's Excellent Adventure Pg.4
Mandy couldn't believe her eyes!  She was at a carnival!  There were brightly colored lights everywhere, and music, and the smells of wonderful foods.  There were rides, too, with a ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, teacups, and more. 
CoCo laughed and said, "What are we waiting for?  Let's play!"
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Mandy took CoCo and they found a seat on the teacups.  Mandy noticed all the other children getting on the ride also had a furby with them.  Soon the ride started, and Mandy and furby laughed and laughed.

When it was over, furby said, "Where to now?  How about the ferris wheel?"  Mandy was a little bit afraid of going up so high and had never been on a ferris wheel before, but she felt she could do anything with CoCo at her side.  So they got in line and were soon seated on the ferris wheel.  Mandy gave furby a little hug and confided, "I'm scared."  CoCo looked at her and said, "Don't be afraid.  It will be FUN!"  Mandy felt her fear go away, and she even smiled as the wheel began to move.  Soon she was laughing and having fun!