Furbaholic site - Mandy's Excellent Adventure Pg.5
When the ride stopped, Mandy gave CoCo a big hug and said, "I'm having a wonderful time because of you!"  CoCo laughed and said, "Me, too!  Let's get some cotton candy.  Me hungry!"  So Mandy got some pink cotton candy and shared it with CoCo. 
"Yummm!" said furby.
"Yummm!" said Mandy.

They walked all around the carnival, seeing all the sights and riding on all the rides.  They had a wonderful time. 

After a while, Mandy thought it might be time to go home.  She was suddenly afraid.  She had no idea how she got there, so how would she get home?  Furby said, "Don't worry.  All you have to do is close your eyes and wish." 
"Wish?  Wish for what?" asked Mandy. 
"Just wish to be home, waking up in your own little bed, and you will be," answered CoCo.
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